20,000 years of world painting by Hans Ludwig C Jaffe

By Hans Ludwig C Jaffe

The richly diverse illustrations are all in color—over one thousand of them, with many full-page plates displaying works of paramount significance and curiosity. the main epochs, colleges, and forms of Western and japanese portray are represented in work of art, illuminations, embellished vessels, mosaics, panel work, and scrolls. many of the examples were selected to offer a clean and unhackneyed choice, and a few of the works are essentially inaccessible to the standard art-loving vacationer.

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Iron Iran Height, J" • 5 Iranian central figurative long beak like a in freely disposed over the depictions of animals are in a style peculiar to Iranian figured vase paintings of the Iron Susa Griffons Neo-Elamite • Fragment • c. c. from tile, a free, The Louvre, • Paris there this design with a glazed must have had tile bird-footed demon lower part of the left symmetrica] a standing on two griffons couchant and probably clutching them with his hands hand one survives). i.. , a horror vacui — which — a revulsion against led the painter to fill any unadorned up the empty areas trait of Islamite work of many other geometrical stvles, with geometrical designs.

First Intermediate c. C. Gebelein, near Luxor and Thebes, in Upper Egypt This wall painting is divided into two sections bv a painted whose horizontals serve also as bases for the two scenes. In the upper field we see the sarcophagus of the deceased which was probably carved from a tree trunk according to the practice in the Middle Kingdom. frame of black It is strips painted yellow, with a horizontal white stripe through the middle which has pictographs appealing to the good will of the jackal-god Anubis, patron of mummification and protector of burial grounds.

Lam. \n was found there inscription in his architectural achievements. which Darius After recounts 1 invoking the Persian god Ahuramazda, Darius proclaims: "This is the palace built in Susa. Its decoration was brought from far nil places. The Babylonians formed the sun-baked bricks. The cedarwood was brought from the Mountain of Lebanon the vaka wood from Gandhara [a province in northwest Pakistani and Karmania [present-day Kirman]. The gold came from Sardis and Bactria, the precious gems lapis lazuli and carnelian from Sogdiana [a Persian district in Turkestan|, turquoise from Chorasmia |m Central Asia], silver and ebony from Lgypt.

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