24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai by Roger Zelazny

By Roger Zelazny

1985 technological know-how fiction novella by means of Roger Zelazny. moment visual appeal within the 1989 brief tale compilation Frost & hearth, additionally featured in Cthulhu 2000. The name is drawn from an exact publication of woodcut reproductions.
The Cthulhu mythos hyperlink is susceptible - the narrator makes passing point out of the sunken urban of R'lyeh. No mind-blasting encounters with tentacled alien gods right here. fairly, the narrator makes a pilgrimage to Mt. Fuji to confront a former lover grew to become cybernetic megalomaniac ala Lawnmower guy. every one View is a station in her pilgrimage. En path she practices a little non-lethal tantric vampirism, a dry and mechanical wink to the grownup viewers. Zelaznophiles will be aware cyberpunk resonances among 24 perspectives, masks of Loki, and Donnerjack.

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The world had been almost depopulated after a year-long raid by the Dark Eldar, its billions of citizens reduced to a scattering of half-starved tribes hiding in the ruins of their once-proud cities. Skulltaker knew the planet was ripe for the Blood God and began a ritual to see it cast into the Warp where Daemons would feast upon the souls of the living and dead alike. After the Prognosticars informed him of the impending daemonic incursion, Supreme Grand Master Geronitan chose Crowe to lead the assault, forming Strike Force Iron Helm to thwart Skulltaker’s plans.

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