3rd World Congress on Oxidation Catalaysis, Proceedings of by R.K. Grasselli, S.T. Oyama, A.M. Gaffney and J.E. Lyons

By R.K. Grasselli, S.T. Oyama, A.M. Gaffney and J.E. Lyons (Eds.)

The third international Congress on Oxidation Catalysis has its roots within the ecu Workshop on Selective Oxidation held in Louvain, Belgium in 1985. Out of this workshop grew the first international Congress held in Rimini, Italy in 1989. the second in Benalmadena, Spain in 1992, and the third being held now in 1997 in San Diego, California, united states. Out of the small middle of devoted and enthusiastic scientists assembled in Louvain in 1985, grew now a vast base of scientists and technologists from academia, and govt laboratories who're fervently pursuing the topic of oxidation catalysis and are keen and prepared to replace their findings on the present assembly. the final subject matter of the third international Congress is ''Atom effective Catalytic Oxidations for worldwide Technologies''. We selected this subject to stimulate the members to file their findings with an emphasis on keeping helpful fabric of their catalytic differences, in addition to protecting strength, and that during an environmentally dependable demeanour. growth in the direction of this said target is vast as evidenced through the large reaction of our group of their participation of caliber courses compiled in those complaints of the Congress.

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The conversion of propane and the selectivity to the main products are reported (acrolein was formed only in traces). m s 0 tO2 0 product Figure 6. Ammoxidation of propane over V/Sb/O catalyst. %. The rate of conversion of propane is practically the same in the presence and in the absence of ammonia. The oxidation yields propylene and carbon oxides, which are the prevailing products. However, when ammonia is added to the feedstock, the yield to propylene remains unchanged, while the yield to carbon oxides is remarkably decreased in favour of the formation of acrylonitrile.

Sci. T. K. T. ), ACS Symp. Series 638, Washington, 1996, p. 2 3) J. K. T. ), ACS Symp. Series 638, Washington, 1996, p. 20 4) B. Delmon, P. G. Carrazan, S. A. Vicente Rodriguez and Z. Sobalik, in "Catalysts in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industries 1995", M. Absi-Halabi et al. ), Elsevier Science, 1996, p. Cavani and F. Trifirb, in "Catalysis Vol. 11", Royal Society of Chemistry, p. 246 6) S. Albonetti, F. Cavani and F. Trifirb, Catal. -Sci. , 38 (1996) 413 7) R. J. Hayes, J. Molec. C.

1/2 O2 O vI II - O ~ IV W f "~W H3C H /C-- C\~ 4 o i .. + ,, vwIt ~ O~ w v H,C H H20 / H H3C H,C>C I ( - H . ~v Figure 4. Proposed mechanisms for isobutane oxidation on Mo- and W-containing heteropolycompounds 29 However, with the former catalyst the mechanism is essentially an ionic one, with evolution to a dioxyalkylidene species which can yield either methacrolein, or a carboxylate species, precursor of methacrylic acid. No isobutene is detected among the reaction products since the dioxyalkylidene species is strongly bound to the surface.

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