A Companion to Ovid (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient by Peter E. Knox

By Peter E. Knox

A significant other to Ovid is a complete review of 1 of the main influential poets of classical antiquity.Features greater than 30 newly commissioned chapters by way of famous students writing of their components of specializationIlluminates numerous features of Ovid's paintings, similar to creation, style, and stylePresents interpretive essays on key poems and collections of poemsIncludes distinctive discussions of Ovid's fundamental literary impacts and his reception in English literatureProvides a chronology of key literary and historic occasions in the course of Ovid's lifetime

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This class was undergoing a profound change, with the lively introduction of Italic and provincial elements, and was more open to innovation, seeing that they were less linked to the system of ideological values and tastes that the traditional aristocracy represented, and had transferred also to its intellectual clients and to the ‘professional’ poets who received the commissions for theatrical texts and epic celebrations. From this class, and from various regions of Italy, came some of the poets of the age of Caesar, and several Augustan poets.

Specialized works, and particularly weighty treatises, may have maintained a circulation within private channels, but Ovid (Tr. 471–92; cf. Citroni 1989) confirms a flourishing of light works written for the Saturnalia, evidently to be sold to a numerous public who used books as pastimes and gave them to friends for the same reason. Different types of texts enjoy a different circulation among different readers, and they are read to a different extent by different readers. The anecdotes about Virgil’s popularity and fame while he was still alive (cf.

Octavian succeeded in exploiting 12 Mario Citroni his position, by forming a positive relationship with the Senate, and creating for himself the image of the defender of Roman and Italic moral and religious tradition, in contrast with Antony, who behaved like an Oriental despot, accepting divine honors, and leading people to suspect that his policies were contrary to the interests of Italy. Even though Octavian also exploited his position as the son of the deified Caesar, he was aware that in order to gain lasting success it was necessary to present himself as the guarantor of the republican civic institutions and the ethical and religious tradition on which, according to the Roman and Italic collective conscience, these were based.

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