A Geoscientist's Guide to Petrophysics by B. Zinszer, F. Pellerin

By B. Zinszer, F. Pellerin

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It was recently shown that lupin secretes pyranoisoflavones which inhibit hyphal development in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Akiyama et al. 2010). There is a large amount of interest in the molecular identification of signaling molecules from fungi to plants that induce symbiosis-specific responses in the host root. These hypothetical compounds are called Myc factors, and the existence of such factors became evident by using an ENOD11-promoter GUS (b-glucuronidase) Root Exudates of Legume Plants and Their Involvement in Interactions with Soil Microbes 37 reporter gene fusion in the roots of M.

Annu Rev Phytopathol 42:439–464 Palomski T, Saarilahti HT (1997) Isolation and characterization of new C-terminal substitution mutations affecting secretion of polygalacturonase in Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora. FEBS Lett 400:122–126 Passador L, Cook JM, Gambello MJ, Rust L, Iglewski BH (1993) Expression of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence genes requires cell-to-cell communication. Science 260:1127–1130 Paszkowski U (2006) Mutualism and parasitism: the yin and yang of plant symbioses. Curr Opin Plant Biol 9:364–370 Paterson E, Hall JM, Rattray EAS, Griffiths BS, Ritz K, Killham K (1997) Effect of elevated CO2 on rhizosphere carbon flow and soil microbial processes.

1984; Egelhoff et al. 1985; Egelhoff and Long 1985; Mulligan and Long 1985; Rossen et al. 1985; Fisher and Long 1992). To identify the signaling molecules from plant roots, a nod promoter–LacZ fusion reporter system was employed. With this reporter system, signaling molecules from legume plants were identified to be luteolin from alfalfa (M. sativa), 7,40 -dihydroxyflavone and geraldone from white clover (Trifolium repens), and daidzein and genistein from soybean (G. max) (Peters et al. 1986; Redmond et al.

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