A history of the world in 100 weapons by Chris McNab

By Chris McNab

Now to be had in a souvenir variation, this hugely illustrated giftbook indicates the development of weapon know-how in the course of the ages.

From army background experts Osprey Publishing, A background of the area in a hundred guns tells the tales of the hundred definitive guns whose results were the main innovative, altering the way in which struggle is waged and the very global we are living in. From the gladius of historical Rome to the AK-47, all a hundred are printed in an array of luxurious colour pictures and modern pictures. Compiled with the help of a few of the top army historians, this revised quantity finds not just the weapon itself yet who wielded it and the place, essentially explaining the blow-by-blow boost of army expertise and services around the ages.

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Here they are shown in a marble relief at the battle of Marignano in 1515, fighting against the armies of Francois I of France. (Getty Images) | A H I S T O R Y OF T H E W O R L D IN 100 W E A P O N S could then exploit. Yet ironically, in the early decades of the arquebusiers worked on their flanks to provide counterfire gunpowder age the pike actually became one of the most against enemy soldiers' missiles. feared battlefield weapons of its day. The "pike renaissance" At battles such as Grandson (1476), Morat (1476), and was largely due to the Swiss, who from the 15th century took Nancy (1477), the pikemen proved their worth in great pike warfare to new levels of influence.

For this reason, ships had to easily capable of punching through a ship's hull when thumped be able to turn quickly in a physically complicated home at full speed. Tactically, fleet commanders would get their environment. Oared galleys offered this facility, plus could develop impressive turns of speed even when sailing directly into the wind. ships to attack in either line astern or as a line abreast, the objective being to punch through or outflank the enemy, and so attack his rear. Triremes often mounted small units of archers and marines, the former to inflict attrition on the enemy ship at distance, while the latter could conduct boarding actions if the opposing vessels were close enough.

Yet as arms. Pole-arms made good sense as infantry weapons for massed-rank battles. By combining a long haft with a fearsome head - varieties of which the medieval period progressed, we see an increased elaboration in pole-arm varieties, largely to meet the challenges of dealing with both enemy infantry and cavalry. The "partisan," for example, featured a included blades, spikes, forks, tridents, axes, and powerful central spearhead flanked by two outward hammers - the foot soldier could inflict injury and curving projections, these being useful for deflecting death while retaining some degree of protective distance between him and his opponent.

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