A Review of the "Digital Turn" in the New Literacy Studies by Kathy Mills

By Kathy Mills

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High energy density materials

A. J. Bellamy: FOX-7 (1,1-Diamino-2,2-dinitroethene). - R. P. Singh, H. Gao, D. T. Meshri, J. M. Shreeve: Nitrogen-Rich Heterocycles. - T. M. Klapötke: New Nitrogen-Rich excessive Explosives. - R. D. Chapman: natural Difluoramine Derivatives. -B. M. Rice, E. F. C. Byrd, W. D. Mattson: Computational features of Nitrogen-Rich HEDMs.

Synchronous Equivalence: Formal Methods for Embedded Systems

An embedded method is loosely outlined as any method that makes use of electronics yet isn't really perceived or used as a general-purpose laptop. routinely, a number of digital circuits or microprocessors are actually embedded within the procedure, both taking on roles that was played through mechanical units, or supplying performance that's not differently attainable.

Functional Adaptive Control: An Intelligent Systems Approach

The sphere of clever keep watch over has lately emerged as a reaction to the problem of controlling hugely complicated and unsure nonlinear platforms. It makes an attempt to endow the controller with the foremost houses of model, examine­ ing and autonomy. the sphere remains to be immature and there exists a large scope for the advance of latest equipment that increase the main houses of in­ telligent structures and enhance the functionality within the face of more and more complicated or doubtful stipulations.

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7% pseudo-stuck-at coverage ƒ 5232 transition tests with 91% transition coverage 22 ƒ Scan flush test (tests entire scan path for delays) Numerous significant results came from this experiment, and work from the data was reported as late as 2002 [41]. It is instructive to look at the data in the same Venn diagram format as the HP data (see Figure 1-29). IDDQ At-speed functional 1463 6 7 8 13 1 3040 1251 6 52 0 46 14 Stuck-at scan AC scan Plus 34 = fail only IDDQ + AC scan Figure 1-29: Effectiveness of various test types, SEMATECH, 500nA threshold.

Instead, it may be more useful to use statistical analysis and look for outliers [33]. 17 IR drop refers to the drop in supply voltage caused by sudden increases in current consumption across a resistive power supply network. Ground bounce is the analogous increase in ground voltage. 5 33 Stress Testing Voltage stress testing is useful for detecting a variety of gate oxide defects, ranging from pinholes to contamination to excessive thinning. Other circuit elements, such as vias and bulk, are also stressed, but oxide defects are the customary targets.

A stuck-at fault assumes that either AB or CD is a power or ground rail, and that the defect resistance is such that the other line is pulled to that rail value. A bridging fault obtained by inductive fault analysis [1] assumes only that the lines are connected somehow. Specific simulation algorithms make additional assumptions about bridge resistance and logic behavior. Virtually all bridging approaches assume that the entire line AB is at the same voltage. However, circuit wires are in general complicated RLC structures, and there is no guarantee that the constant voltage assumption will hold true, particularly at high frequencies.

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