Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Vol. 6 by Claude S. Hudso (ed.), Sidney M. Canto (ed.)

By Claude S. Hudso (ed.), Sidney M. Canto (ed.)

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(from preface)Advances in Catalysis is now stepping into its 5th yr. it really is, within the editors' opinion, an encouraging and important undeniable fact that the previous volumes are discovering expanding use in clinical and business laboratories and that the Advances are often quoted as literature assets on a number of issues of catalysis.

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Das erfolgreiche und intestine eingef? hrte Werk Biochemie der Ern? hrung von Gertrud Rehner und Hannelore Daniel liegt nunmehr in der dritten Auflage vor und eignet sich als Lehrbuch f? r Studenten der Ern? hrungswissenschaft wie auch als Nachschlagewerk f? r Ern? hrungswissenschaftler, Mediziner, Biologen und Chemiker.

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62, 2791 (1929). (69s) Violet E. Sharp and M. Stacey, J . Chem. ,285 (1951). (60) R. K. Ness, H. G. , and C. S. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. ,72, 2200 (1950). (61) C. D. Hurd and R. P. Holysr, J . Am. Chem. ,72, 2005 (1950). (62) W. W. Pigman and R. M. , New York, p. 160 (1948). (63) L. F. Fieser and Mary Fieser, “Organic Chemistry”; D. C. , p. 154 (1944). (64) C. S. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. ,46, 462 (1924). , 1, 118 (1945). arabinose is the same a8 for a-D-galactose. C. 8. Hudson and F. P. Phelps, J .

8. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. , 88, 1571 (1916). 40 W. L. EVANS, D. D. REYNOLDS AND E. A. TALLEY A number of years later, Schlubach and Maurer4*tried a number of modifications with the idea that an acid catalyst might cause the alpha configuration to predominate and give them the natural trehalose, since alkaline catalysts seemed to give the beta derivatives. They first tried treating a benzene solution of the D-glucose tetraacetate with hydrogen chloride, then tried an addition of calcium chloride, and they also melted the glucose tetraacetate with and without zinc chloride, but in no case could an a,a-trehalose derivative be isolated.

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