Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the Gods by W.V. Harris, Brooke Holmes, W. V. Harris

By W.V. Harris, Brooke Holmes, W. V. Harris

Filthy rich, immodest, hypochondriac (or maybe simply an invalid), obsessively non secular, the orator Aelius Aristides (117 to approximately one hundred eighty) isn't the most enticing determine of his age, yet simply because he's one of many best-known - and he's in detail recognized, due to his "Sacred stories" - his works are an important resource for the cultural and spiritual and political historical past of Greece less than the Roman Empire. The papers accumulated right here, the fruit of a convention held at Columbia in 2007, shape the main severe research of Aristides and his context to were released because the vintage paintings of Charles Behr 40 years in the past.

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Berolin. ). 39 C£ ~ cod. Paris. 2995, Hermes 48 (1913) 319. = 89W2 @* 60 42 21 55,65 or 147) FGE@63 4338 FGE@*6345 FGE@ 64, also @ Or. de rna Hdt. 250] @66 47 PMG 947a&b @67. 327W extensively @ 137-14049 IILaljYlh;LQov 'ta~ O\jJEL~: or is this a recollection of 3UI and lO5(a)? 5, Popl. Pol. 1. 6 FGE. 43 But Aristides cites a different pentameter from Lycurgus in Leoer. lO8-lO9: E'K'tELvav M~lIwv EVVEU ~uQLUl\a~ instead of XQuompoQwv M~lIwv EO'toQEoav Mva~Lv. For the problem, FGE, 225-231. 296= Diod.

But there is only one verbatim citation, that of fro 213 Snell-Maehler, as the introductory text of Dialexis 12, the subject of which is whether it is right to commit injustice against somebody who has done so to onesel£ In this case Maximus seems very likely to have used a text of Pindar, since the earlier quotation which may have drawn the passage to his attention, by Plato in Republic 36Sb, constitutes only two of the four lines cited by Maximus. " Philostratus if Athens' Apollonius In his Apollonius Philostratus' chief poetic intertext is Homer, and there are also several citations of or allusions to Attic tragedy, especially to Euripides.

This thesis overlooks the conscious rewriting Aristides undertakes of Thucydides' historical work, which we attempt to demonstrate in this article. ESTElLE OUDOT In the perspective of this paper, what matters is the expression ~ MVUI1LI; 'tfjl; :n:aAEwl;, as it is used in section 329: 1\ll of your oratory in all of its forms and that which others have written in your tradition is excellent; and almost all orators, who have been fully successful among the Greeks, have been successful through the power of the Athenians' (UA:n:UV'tEI; M ol MyOL ~La.

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