Aerodynamic separation of gases and isotopes : recent by E Phillip Muntz; John F Wendt

By E Phillip Muntz; John F Wendt

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4) A so that the work required for a reversible, isothermal separation is equal to the Gibbs free energy change of the system. ,brings about a more ordered, less random, arrangement). 4) yields . 5 where pf and pi represent the final and initial pressures, respectively. 5) is frequently illustrated with the use of the concept of ideal semi-permeable membranes. Consider a reservoir containing a binary gas mixture at pressure T in which the concentration of specified component is z. For the separation of n moles of this mixture into the two pure components, we permit n z moles of the specified component to pass at its partial pressure through a semipermeable membrane which is impermeable to the other component and then compress this gas to the original system pressure T.

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