An Annual publication of satisfactory methods for the by Organic Syntheses

By Organic Syntheses

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(from preface)Advances in Catalysis is now stepping into its 5th yr. it's, within the editors' opinion, an encouraging and important proven fact that the prior volumes are discovering expanding use in medical and business laboratories and that the Advances are often quoted as literature assets on a number of themes of catalysis.

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Das erfolgreiche und intestine eingef? hrte Werk Biochemie der Ern? hrung von Gertrud Rehner und Hannelore Daniel liegt nunmehr in der dritten Auflage vor und eignet sich als Lehrbuch f? r Studenten der Ern? hrungswissenschaft wie auch als Nachschlagewerk f? r Ern? hrungswissenschaftler, Mediziner, Biologen und Chemiker.

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Or putting berries from a plastic box on top of my morning bowl of steel-cut oats. Or downing yogurt from a plastic container, peas from a can, or water from one of those 5-gallon carboys perched atop a cooler. Or showering twice; once in the morning, and once after working out at the gym. — 46 — HEALTH I S S U E S These may seem pretty benign activities to most people, but Dr. vom Saal doesn't share that view. He is highly suspicious of chemicals that can leach out of plastics and goes so far as to avoid all canned foods because of concern about the protective plastic layer that lines the insides of the cans.

Workers in the agricultural chemical production industries—who would be expected to have the highest exposures to pesticides—do not show any unusual disease patterns, but the number of subjects in these studies is small. A widely reported study of farmers who sprayed their fields with pesticides showed a weak link between acres sprayed and various cancers, but overall the group of farmers studied had fewer cancer cases than the general population. A frequently cited American study __ 41 — THE FLY IN THE O I N T A 4 E N T seemed to indicate a link between non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and acres sprayed with the herbicide 2, 4-D, a chemical that is also used in home lawn care.

What about the practice of refilling these bottles? The clear plastic ones are made of polyethylene terephthalate and contain no plasticizers that can leach out (except perhaps minute amounts that are used in the polyvinyl chloride caps). Over the long term the plastic may degrade, resulting in water with a slight fruity flavor. This is no big deal, but the industry (for obvious reasons) does not suggest refilling the "one-time use" bottles. The bigger 4-liter opaque bottles are made of highdensity polyethylene and may sometimes impart a bit of "melted — 56 — HEALTH ISSUES plastic" taste to the water.

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